Striking photo collages by Mister Blick combine warfare and…



Striking photo collages by Mister Blick combine warfare and flowers.


Fernando Torres’ debut at AC Milan against Juventus

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Fernando Torres - September 23, 2014

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"We’re a good group of players. We’ll do our best to have a good season and get back our place in Europe. We can only learn from games like today’s. The way we played during the second half is the one we must build upon. I feel very happy, very comfortable here. I feel like I’m adapting nicely and I’m really grateful for how helpful everyone at the club has been so far: my teammates, the manager, the staff. It’s up to me now, I must work hard to be able to give it back to them with goals and good performances, so at the end of the season we can all say it was worth it. - Fernando Torres (x)

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Christian Bale | Filmography 2002-2007

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Fernando Torres Behind the scenes of the 2014-2015 team photo shoot at Casa Milan: 

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